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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update 
Today we got some really sad news as PiWars was decided to be postponed to a later date. Despite this being unfortunate, it was definitely a well thought out choice and was made for good reasons. 
This could also be pretty useful as well because this means that I get (a lot) more time to work on my robot and further develop it. Below is a to-do list of my new ideas:
- Get the flywheel mechanism working ASAP - Tweak all my code and do further testing - Work on further autonomous code (to gain more points)
I am very excited to accomplish these goals!
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Code Update!

Code Update!
After a while of working on writing code, I have finally done it! This script below is adapted from the MonsterJoy code by PiBorg, yet it has a number of important changes. I will probably also tweak the code slightly (ie turn magnitude).
#!/usr/bin/env python# coding: Latin-1# Load library functions we wantimporttimeimportosimportsysimportpygameimportThunderBorgimportUltraBorg